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March 28, 2020

WAITING FOR DATES: The funeral, promotion, and Goblet ceremony will be rescheduled soon. Randomly check back for updated info.



March 16, 2020

EVENTS POSTPONED: Most likely events will now be around the first week in September. Check back for updates. Meanwhile, we can cancel your hotel room without penalty and maybe your flight (see Hotel & Airline Updates Below). Stay healthy, Wes


FUNERAL UPDATE (FROM RICH COLE TO HOTEL): Just received official notification this morning that the events surrounding my Dad and Mom’s funeral have been postponed to sometime later this summer. The target dates are between 15 Aug and 7 Sep. My gut feel is that the week of 31 Aug-4 Sep is the best but we will have to wait for DoD to decide. However there is a small possibility that Arlington will proceed with burials which will require us to decide but I believe we will be allowed to move with DoD. I know these are squishy dates but if you could pencil us in that week we would greatly appreciate it. Hopefully we will know more by the end of March. Thanks very much for your understanding. ...Rich Cole


HOTEL UPDATE (FROM HOTEL): I have placed a hold on space at Crowne Plaza for Wednesday, September 2, Thursday, September 3, and Friday, September 4. Once you get the confirmation from DOD we can work on the new agreements and I promise you I will do my absolute best to keep the awesome room rates you have. I will also confirm if every guest has to call in personally and cancel their block or if when we remove the block it cancels the reservations. Each hotel chain is different. Thanks gentlemen! I look forward to connecting about the rescheduling once this gets settled. Stay safe! Your partner, Annalisa


AIRLINE UPDATE (FROM DELTA): Make it easier to adjust travel plans. We know customers trying to contact us are experiencing extremely long wait times, and we are continuing to do everything possible to address your needs as we work through a solution. Our teams are currently focused on helping customers whose travel is scheduled within the next 72 hours. If your travel is further out, you may cancel or change your flight anytime before your travel date using My Trips on Delta.com. To allow even more flexibility, any Delta ticket expiring in March or April is being extended to enable rebooking and travel until Dec. 31, 2020. Whenever your travel may be, rest assured that all changes will be processed and applicable credits will be issued; if you don’t take your flight, your ticket number automatically becomes an unused eCredit within 24 hours. We promise to resolve your issues and sincerely appreciate your patience.


GOBLET CEREMONY:  Has been POSTPONED. Future dates proposed were in August and September. More to come...


CHILDREN OF THE DOOLITTLE RAIDERS: Has made the decision to cancel their annual meeting, which was scheduled for April 17-19 at the Army and Navy Club in Washington, D.C.



March 13, 2020

Coronavirus: The Cole Family is actively communicating with Arlington and the Air Force. As soon as decisions are made they will be passed along here. The Crowne Plaza cancellation policy, double check yours, is “Canceling your reservation before 6:00 PM (local hotel time) on Saturday, 11 April, 2020 will result in no charge. Therefore, hang in there and let’s wait for more information.



March 11, 2020

Coronavirus: As of now everything is still a GO! We will keep you updated as we get new information.



March 9, 2020

Promotion & Goblet Ceremony: CONFIRMED - April 18 at the Army Navy Club in Washington DC from 2:00pm to 5:00pm. No additional information on who is invited or any details. Will update as soon as I know. Additionally, my understanding is there is not going to be an event at the WWII Memorial now.



February 24, 2020

Other Events (Promotion, WWII Memorial, Goblet Ceremony): NO information at this time.



February 23, 2020

Transportation to Arlington Cost: Based on those interested, we reserved three 55 passenger tour buses for $15 per adult (children free).



February 10, 2020

SOCIAL ROOM CHANGE: Our attendance for the social has grown beyond the maximum capacity of the Alexandria Conference Room. Therefore, we were moved to the Veranda Café. It's closed to the public at 2:00pm so it will be our private room.


Here's the attendance numbers so far...


April 15 (Wednesday): Social - 130

April 16 (Thursday): Reception - 136 (not counting those from local area attending funeral and we do not have their emails (Air Force, etc.)


MORE ROOMS: Were added as our room block was reaching it's limit. Yeehaw!



February 6, 2020

HOTEL PRICE: The per night price you see when booking is the average overall price per night. Example: Wednesday $169, Thursday, Friday, Saturday is $129 = $556. Divide $556 by 4 = $139. Therefore, you will see $139 per night.



February 5, 2020

EVENTS: To clear up any misinformation. I'm only handling the three events listed below so we know how much food and transportation needs.


April 15 (Wednesday): Social

April 16 (Thursday): Reception

April 16 (Thursday): Trying to schedule transportation – price TBD


I have limited information on the other events (Goblet, promotion, WWII Memorial, etc.). If I hear anything I will post it in the "Schedule of Events.".



January 31, 2020

HOTEL PARKING: When you enter the parking garage you will get a ticket (you need this going in and out of the garage). Make sure to notify the front desk at check in that you have a vehicle and give them the group code CRC as this charge (discounted rate $20 a night) will be added to your hotel bill.


NO VALET: Just found out the hotel does not have valet service.



January 30, 2020

VERIFY YOUR DATES: Make sure you select the correct dates for your hotel stay. When you click on the hotel link it defaults to April 13 (Monday) - April 19 (Sunday). Adjust it to your stay (normally it would be April 15-19).


MORE ROOMS: The hotel has added more rooms to the block for April 16 & 17. Therefore, you should be able to book through the weekend at the cheaper group rate.


ROOM BLOCK SOLD OUT: Room are sold out already for April 16 & 17. I'm working to get more days opened within the block. Keep checking back as I will post it here when they open them up!


REFRESH: Refresh your browser and the .PDF files often. I'm getting reports that the updated information is not showing up. I noticed it too when I tried and I was able to see the updated info when I clicked on refresh.



January 29, 2020

BOOM: Initial information added: Schedule of Events, Hotel & Funeral Information. Will update as soon as I receive it. Wes