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February 10, 2020

2:30pm - SOCIAL ROOM CHANGE: Our attendance for the social has grown beyond the maximum capacity of the Alexandria Conference Room. Therefore, we were moved to the Veranda Café. It's closed to the public at 2:00pm so it will be our private room.


Here's the attendance numbers so far...


April 15 (Wednesday): Social - 130

April 16 (Thursday): Reception - 136 (not counting those from local area attending funeral and we do not have their emails (Air Force, etc.)


8:30am - MORE ROOMS: Were added as our room block was reaching it's limit. Yeehaw!



February 6, 2020

12:35pm - HOTEL PRICE: The per night price you see when booking is the average overall price per night. Example: Wednesday $169, Thursday, Friday, Saturday is $129 = $556. Divide $556 by 4 = $139. Therefore, you will see $139 per night.



February 5, 2020

8:10pm - EVENTS: To clear up any misinformation. I'm only handling the three events listed below so we know how much food and transportation needs.


April 15 (Wednesday): Social

April 16 (Thursday): Reception

April 16 (Thursday): Trying to schedule transportation – price TBD


I have limited information on the other events (Goblet, promotion, WWII Memorial, etc.). If I hear anything I will post it in the "Schedule of Events.".



January 31, 2020

1:45pm - HOTEL PARKING: When you enter the parking garage you will get a ticket (you need this going in and out of the garage). Make sure to notify the front desk at check in that you have a vehicle and give them the group code CRC as this charge (discounted rate $20 a night) will be added to your hotel bill.


8:45am - NO VALET: Just found out the hotel does not have valet service.



January 30, 2020

10:45pm - VERIFY YOUR DATES: Make sure you select the correct dates for your hotel stay. When you click on the hotel link it defaults to April 13 (Monday) - April 19 (Sunday). Adjust it to your stay (normally it would be April 15-19).


3:30pm - MORE ROOMS: The hotel has added more rooms to the block for April 16 & 17. Therefore, you should be able to book through the weekend at the cheaper group rate.


1:40pm - ROOM BLOCK SOLD OUT: Room are sold out already for April 16 & 17. I'm working to get more days opened within the block. Keep checking back as I will post it here when they open them up!


1:30pm - REFRESH: Refresh your browser and the .PDF files often. I'm getting reports that the updated information is not showing up. I noticed it too when I tried and I was able to see the updated info when I clicked on refresh.



January 29, 2020

8:30am - BOOM: Initial information added: Schedule of Events, Hotel & Funeral Information. Will update as soon as I receive it. Wes